Here you will find the answer to many questions you may have.

ARE ENTERTAINMENT PASSES INCLUDED? – No they are not as not all of our guests use the Haven facilities, so these are an optional extra that can be purchased directly from Haven when you arrive or at any time during your stay, you will need your Guest Form to get the passes. 

IS BEDLINEN INCLUDED? – This is available at an additional charge of £10 per bedroom (either double set or 2 singles) please ask us for details.

SO WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE CARAVAN? – Please check page 2 of the terms and conditions for your particular caravan as they are different. 

CAN I BRING MY PET? – Allhallows is a dog friendly park with plenty of bins, with the beach on the doorstep there are many great walks so yes you can bring your dog to some of the caravans, those that allow dogs do charge a pet supplement to cover any additional cleaning that might be required. 

HOW CLOSE ARE HAVEN FACILITIES TO THE CARAVAN? – This varies depending on the caravan,  have a look at the site map and judge for yourself. Here is a link to the site map.

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING? – This is self catering accommodation and whilst everything is provided to make your stay as comfortable as possible, you will need to bring anything that needs to be laundered  e.g. towels, tea towels, blankets and don’t forget the food in case you want to cook in our well equipped kitchens. Ample storage in most of the fridges and freezers to keep you going.

WHERE IS THE CARAVAN PARK, HOW CLOSE IS ROCHESTER? – Allhallows postcode is ME3 9QD and we have provided a handy link here so you can get your travel directions to many of the local sites.

TRAVELLING TO THE PARK? – There are bus stops outside the park entrance and takes about 30 minutes to get to Rochester . Strood train station is the closest and about 20 minutes by Taxi.